Introduction To Static Purification Systems

Introduction To Static Purification Systems

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So, you’ve decided static style purification systems are what you should be looking for (not sure what I’m talking about, follow our guide HERE). 

Quite often you’ll hear the term ‘static filtration’ or ‘static RO system’ when referring to Window Cleaning Equipment. What these effectively refer to is a type of water filtration designed to be just that, static. The Static style systems can vary from smaller domestic RO/DI systems producing a few hundred litres a day, right up to industrial standard RO/DI systems that have some of the largest production capacities on the market.

Static systems will generally follow the usual four stages of filtration you’d find with most water purification systems; this may vary a little in terms of configuration however the four stages are:

  1. Sediment Filter
  2. Carbon Filter
  3. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane(s)
  4. Deionising Resin

Many Window Cleaners use portable or vehicle mounted systems to facilitate their day to day pure water needs. By contrast, static systems usually require a little more know-how and a dedicated space (in a garage or external unit) to produce and store pure water. They can often have a great capacity.

For a multi-vehicle operation, the static system can be perfect as it allows one filtration system to produce water and distribute it to each vehicle. This means the vehicles have a delivery system only, which is simpler to use and maintain.

The down side to a static system is that there are more moving parts, and often a little more time and preparation is needed to ensure a smooth operation.

What To Do Next

Read more about what you might need to facilitate using a static purification system HERE:

Alternatively, if it’s a Static style filtration system you’ve decided is the right option, the next question is; which Static RO System should you choose?

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Maybe a van mounted system is a better option? 

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