Should I Switch From Traditional Window Cleaning To Pure Water Cleaning?

Should I Switch From Traditional Window Cleaning To Pure Water Cleaning?

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If you’ve ever visited a window cleaning forum I’m sure this is a question you will have encountered before.

The Pure Water vs. Traditional debates will rage on forever but in our experience, as with most arguments, there are positives to each.  The modern Window Cleaner does well to have access to both methods, as there will be occasions where water-fed cleaning is the best option, and there will be times where the traditional mop & squeegee approach makes the most sense. Perhaps the best way to look at each method is as different tools in a broad and varied toolbox.

Starting with a small DI purification unit, backpack and pole, and expanding your equipment as it’s needed can be a cost effective way to offer pure water Window Cleaning (check out a popular starter kit here).


For the initiated Window Cleaner, using Pure Water can allow you access to areas otherwise unreachable with ladders (or perhaps unreachable safely). Many also report that it is quicker than using ladders and traditional equipment - whilst importantly providing an equally good finish. That said, many do find that there is a learning curve not only to cleaning with Pure Water equipment, but also to maintaining the equipment. 

The most important thing about making the change is communication.

Should you decide to start using pure water cleaning equipment, it’s vital you have a method of communicating to your customer what that change is. One way of doing this can be through a print-out or flyer, explaining the benefits to the customer and yourself (find a free example HERE), though some choose to simply send a text or email. No matter the method you choose, communicating effectively is important to ensure a pain free switch. You’ll find that many customer will not be overly concerned with your method, providing their windows are cleaned. But for those who are cautious, many concerns can be quickly quelled with some preparation.

With video editing software built into most smart phones, you could even send your customers a video demonstrating the new method!

Using a water fed or pure water method is now commonplace for domestic & commercial window cleaning. Particularly in a commercial setting, pure water window cleaning is often mandatory, or at the least the preferred method. 

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