Static, Portable or Van Mounted Pure Water System - Which To Choose?

Static, Portable or Van Mounted Pure Water System - Which To Choose?

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So, you’ve decided what type of pure water system you require (not sure what I’m talking about, follow our guide HERE).

The next question is;


What equipment is going to facilitate the day to day running of your business?


Generally, working as a pure water Window Cleaner means your equipment will fall into one of three categories. It’s important to know that there are DI Only & RO/DI versions of each. These categories are:

  • Van Mounted
  • Static
  • Portable


Van Mounted Systems


Van mounted systems grow in popularity year on year and are generally considered the ‘gold standard’ of Window Cleaning systems in the U.K. They provide you with the ability to filter, store and deliver your pure water all from a custom built system in the back of your vehicle. Ultimately the Van Mounted system is the most convenient option for many, though it’s rarely the cheapest.

Van mounted systems can include DI or RO/DI filtration, can be setup for single or dual operator, can be upgraded with a water heater & frost stat protection and can be fitted with a number of optional extras to make your working day easier. The customisation means it can be set up and sized specifically for your business, and don’t worry – we’ve got a team in house that can talk you through options and help tailor the perfect system to your business.

—> Take a Look at Van Mounted Systems


An Example Phoenix Van Mounted System

Static Systems

Static Filtration systems, unlike the other options, also require a means to actually deliver the water.

The idea behind a static pure water system is that it can be connected to a water source and allowed to purify all day, if necessary, allowing it to produce much larger quantities of water than you would expect from the other two options. There’s also the capacity to connect the system to a storage tank, which can be anything from a few hundred to a few thousand litres.

Static systems are popular among businesses that have multiple vehicles on the road, it allows them to utilise one base purification unit that can then be used to provide various delivery systems with pure water.

Having delivery only systems in your vehicle also keeps things simple, meaning there isn’t a great deal of know how required – should you need somebody not versed in filtration systems to step in.

—> Take a Look at The Static Purification Systems

FaceLift Static Purification System

An Example FaceLift Static Purification System

Portable Systems


A Portable Window Cleaning system suits a particular customer and set of circumstances. Portable systems are limited by capacity and can sometimes require constant supply of water (often at the cost of your customer). With regards price, there is huge variation depending on the filtration type within portable systems. A DI only filtration portable trolley would be priced around the £600-£900, whereby an equivalent RO/DI filtration Portable system would be a few thousand pounds.

Due to the simplicity of a DI only system, you’ll notice there are far more DI Trolley systems available on the market, than their RO/DI counterparts. On that note though, the portable RO/DI systems available usually have outstanding water output and can purify ‘on-demand’, so no need for a tank to store water as such, making it viable for larger commercial cleaning sites where source water isn’t a problem.

DI Trolleys are great for use as a standalone unit for specific cleaning sites. Perhaps where vehicle access is limited or where the same unit is left on site to clean all year around. Currently our largest trolley is 100 Litres and so for most large sites, a water source is necessary to keep the trolley topped up.


A Trojan Portable System

What To Do Next?

Hopefully now you have an idea as to which option fits, you can take a look at static and van mounted system in further details below

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—> Introduction to Van Mounted Systems

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