How To Inform Your Customers of a Price Increase

How To Inform Your Customers of a Price Increase

There are always times when it is hard to find the right words to say. Telling customers of a price increase is one of those moments and because of this, some Window Cleaners put it off year after year. Before you know it, the price of your daily toast and coffee has doubled yet your Window Cleaning prices remain the same as they were 10 years ago.

Most customers will understand small increases due to changes in the cost of your equipment, insurances and the general cost of living. The small percentage that don’t, will be covered by the extra income from those that do – making your round more compact.

Generally, people are understanding of small increases providing they are happy with the service you provide!

Attached is a free leaflet design to update customers of a price increase.

Feel free to copy and paste the text, print the leaflet as is (don’t forget to add your logo to the space at the bottom) or to download and edit it to fit what you need.

Alternatively, you can find a link to a downloadable PDF HERE
Price Increase Leaflet Give Away - Window CleaningPrice Increase Leaflet Give Away - Window Cleaning


Is it worth increasing your prices? Consider the example below:

A Window Cleaning business has a domestic round consisting of 100 houses cleaned monthly and turns over exactly £1000 per month. This makes the average cost of a house £10.

If at the beginning of the year the Window Cleaner decides to review his prices and comes to the conclusion that a 10% increase is necessary to cover additional expenses. This round is now worth £1100 per month.

Now if you factor in that 5% of this Window Cleaners customers will cancel. That is 5 customers, meaning the Window Cleaner is now turning over £1045.

A greater turnover, but with 5 less houses!

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