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FaceLift® ZERO Static Pure Water System

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FaceLift® ZERO Static RO Systems


Systems Include:

  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • 4 Stage Water Filtration
  • 20" Sediment Filter
  • 20" Carbon Filter
  • HF4 Membrane
  • 11L DI with Resin

Recommended Add-Ons:

  • Inline TDS Meter
  • 240V Booster Pump
  • Solenoid Auto Shut Off

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facelift static pure water systems

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FaceLift Zero Models

Any one using pure water for window cleaning or other zero TDS purposes (car washing, electronic, solar panel cleaning, etc) will know how precious and expensive pure water production can be for the day to day running of a successful business. Not only that, what a tedious process it can be if your using sub-par equipment.

Using a high quality built static RO system set up as the FaceLift Zero will save huge amounts of money and water by turning standard hard water from the tap to pure water ready for work. There are models to suit all business and price point, examples of these can be found below.

20” Membrane – 4 Stage RO/DI Systems

The 20” membrane Zero systems can produce up to 120 Litres per hour.

40” Membrane – 4 Stage RO/DI Systems

The 40” Membrane Systems Can Produce up to 150 Litres Per Hour

20”or 40” Boosted – 4 Stage RO/DI Systems

The Boosted Systems, whilst a little more expensive, can produce up to 330 Litres per hour.

Twin Membrane – 4 Stage RO/DI Systems

The twin Membrane option is capable of producing 350+ Litres of pure water per hour!