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FaceLift Systems

FaceLift® Zero Static Pure Water System

FaceLift® Zero Static Pure Water System

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Booster Pump

A 4 stage RO/DI filtration system, capable of purifying large volumes of water. Ideal for use in hard or soft water areas. This is a powerful static RO system perfect for any size of Window Cleaning business. 

The boosted versions also come as standard with Auto fill and flush to keep the water production process as seamless as possible. 

All Units Come With The Following:

  • Powder-coated steel frame

  • 10" Sediment & Carbon filters 

  • Complete with DI Vessel & Resin

  • Optional 20'' or 40'' Membrane size

  • Optional Booster pump for increased water production 

  • Inline TDS Meter 
  • Pressure Guage 

  • Shut Off Valve

Boosted Options Also Come With:

  • Auto Flush/Fill 

  • Solenoid Auto Shut Off Valve 

DO I Need Anything To Go With The RO System?

The Zero Ro System, is a complete unit for water production, however you will need some accessories to store your pure water and transfer it to your van mounted tank, trolley, backpack or water containers. 

You can find all the items needed in the accessory pack below. 

Download the FaceLift Zero Instructions Here

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