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FaceLift® Phantom Clamps & Spare Parts

FaceLift® Phantom Clamps & Spare Parts

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A unique clamp design that provides unparalleled grip whilst reducing the wear and tear on your water fed pole. The Phantom Pole Clamps feature a unique TPU Low abrasion sleeve, that acts as a buffer between the hard surfaces of the pole section and the clamp body. This sleeve reduces friction and prevents wear on the surface of your section, whilst also drastically increasing the grip - prolonging the life of your water fed pole and improving its performance.

  • TPU Low Abrasion Sleeve

  • Remarkable Grip & wear resistance

  • Self-aligning Lever

  • Anti-spin Bolt Housing

  • Glass-filled nylon clamp body

  • Compatible with FaceLift® Phantom, Phoenix MkII & Renegade poles

  • Breathe new life into old poles by replacing the clamps with FaceLift® Phantom Clamps

  • Phantom Clamps are tried & tested with FaceLift products. Should you wish to fit these to other brands of pole, contact us to check compatibility

Phoenix Size Guide

  • Phantom Clamp 0 - Phoenix Clamp AA

  • Phantom Clamp 1 - Phoenix Clamp A

  • Phantom Clamp 2 - Phoenix Clamp B

  • Phantom Clamp 3 - Phoenix Clamp C

  • Phantom Clamp 4 - Phoenix Clamp D

  • Phantom Clamp 5 - Phoenix Clamp E

  • Phantom Clamp 6 - Phoenix Clamp F

  • Phantom Clamp 7 - Phoenix Clamp G

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