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FaceLift® Phantom Mod System

FaceLift® Phantom Mod System

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Phantom Mod is an integrated, modular system that allows you to clean various aspects of a building with one simple and versatile set of equipment. 

The Phantom Mod is the first system to reliably solve the problem of internal window cleaning at height, canopy cleaning, window cleaning and gutter cleaning at angles that have previously only been possible with access equipment - Saving costs, boosting profitability and allowing you access to services previously unavailable.

The Phantom Mod system gives a single operator the opportunity to offer full-service interior and exterior cleaning at height.  

The Phantom Mod Pole Clamp

A unique clamp designed specifically for exterior cleaning. Much like the original Phantom Clamp, this modular pole clamp allows the user to quickly and safely connect pole sections and lock them in place. Unlike modular poles of the past, the sections do not wedge together and so will never stick and can be used at any angle.

The Phantom Mod Clamps do not require any adhesive, are completely serviceable in a matter of seconds, and using them couldn't be simpler - push together and twist to lock in each in place.

The Phantom Mod Vak-Head 

Another industry first, the Phantom Vak-Head allows you to clean any internal window without leaving a drop of water behind, removing the need for costly access equipment and providing a perfect streak-free finish at any height.

Each Vak-Head is fitted with FaceLift's best-selling squeegee rubber. When connected with a 'wet and dry' vacuum, the narrow opening underneath the squeegee rubber provides powerful suction to remove all moisture as you pull the Vak-Head along the window. 

Included in the Kit  

  • 1.8m Carbon Fibre Modular Pole Sections (4,6,8 & 10 pole bundles available)

  • 1 x Phantom Mod Carry Bag

  • 1 x Phantom Mod Vak-Head & Adapter

  • 1 x FaceLift® Phoenix Brush Head - 14''/ 35cm

  • 1 x FaceLift® Phantom Mod Adapter Head

  • 1 x FaceLift® Hot Water Pole Pipe - 30m 

  • Phantom Mod External Hose Clips (1 per pole section)

  • 3 x FaceLift® Phantom Mod GooseNecks (45, 90, & 135 Degree)

  • 2 x FaceLift® Phantom Soft Angles (135 & 180 Degree)

  • 1 x FaceLift® Silicone Adapter (38-45mm & 51-45mm)

  • 3 x FaceLift® Aluminium Crevice Tools

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