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FaceLift Systems

FaceLift® Phantom Mod Vak-Head Conversion Kit

FaceLift® Phantom Mod Vak-Head Conversion Kit

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A brilliant solution for internal window cleaning at height. This Vak-Head head includes an adapter to fit 50mm pole tubes, including the SkyVac™ Elite poles, and allows the user to clean internal windows at height without any requirement for access equipment. 

Attach the Phantom Vak-Head to a wet and dry vacuum or gutter cleaning machine, then soap up the window and let the Vak-Head do the work!

  • Ideal for internal window cleaning

  • Securely Fits to 50mm ID Clamped Pole Sections, including the SkyVac™ Elite poles

  • Clean sills and ledges for a perfect finish

  • Minimal clean-up for excellent results.

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