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FaceLift® Resin - 25 Litre

FaceLift® Resin - 25 Litre

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High quality Deionising resin, produced exclusively for FaceLift® by Spectrum. This is a virgin, mixed bed, ion exchange resin - suitable for use in DI Vessels and cartridges. 

  • Reliably purify hard or soft water reliably down to 0ppm. 
  • 25 Litre Bag
  • Suitable for use with DI Vessels or cartridges
  • Suitable for use with any FaceLift® Window Cleaning System
  • High Quality Window Cleaning Resin

Additional Details

The high quality mixed bed resin is designed to ensure the highest capacity and most efficient operation to create pure deionised water. This high quality mixed-bed resin consists of a strong-acid cation and strong base anion mixture, the create pure deionised water.

Capable of producing high-purity water with low conductivity values, suitable for applications where typically a water quality of 0.1 microSiemens/cm is required.

The resin life is maximised when used as a post-polisher after a reverse osmosis system or deionisation plant and is suitable for use in large ion-exchange units. Applications and industries include: chemical and photographic labs, water conditioning for steam irons, top-up of car batteries, stain prevention in the glazing industry, cleaning of glassware, window washing/water-fed poles for a spot-free rinse, and in hospitals.

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