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FaceLift Systems

FaceLift® Phoenix Van Mounted Systems

FaceLift® Phoenix Van Mounted Systems

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The Phoenix Van Mounted system is an upright system designed to maximise the space in your vehicle.

With a compact footprint and all the major components secured internally behind a magnetic faceplate, the Phoenix system is built to last.

Available in 350, 500 or 650 Litre options

  • 100psi Pump

  • Digital Flow Controller

  • High Power Battery

  • Charger Options Available - Battery Charging Guide

  • Robust powder coated frame

Delivery Only Options

These models do not include any means to purify water, making them perfect as an option for those that use a static purification unit, or who fill up from pure water filling stations.

DI Filtration Option

These models include DI filtration (learn about filtration types HERE) meaning you simply fill from a water source and the water is purified on-demand, as you use it, providing nothing but a perfect finish every time. Advised for soft water areas. 

RO/DI Filtration Option

These models include a four-stage RO/DI filtration system (learn about filtration types HERE). This system connects to a water source and filters water as it enters the tank. Advised for hard water areas. 

How is the Battery Charged?

The lead-acid leisure battery can be removed & charged from mains power by purchasing a smart charger. Alternatively, add a Split Charge Relay or Battery to Battery Charger to allow the system battery to charge from the vehicle battery. Not sure which to choose, check out this helpful guide

Knowledge Base

Types of Filtration Explained - RO/DI or DI Only? 

Very Hard Water - Do I Need a Water Softener?

Static, Portable or Van Mounted Pure Water System - Which To Choose?

How Long Will My DI Resin Last? 


650L Dimensions

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