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FaceLift Systems

FaceLift® Precision Angle Adapter

FaceLift® Precision Angle Adapter

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A Precise and lightweight adjustable angle adapter. the Precision Angle Neck replaces the standard screw-threaded angle adapter. Instead, incorporating a parachute clip style connection to ensure your brush head remains perfectly aligned.

The parachute clip allows you to instantly connect and swap brush heads with ease, and the quick-release lever means you can change the angle that your brush reaches the glass in seconds.

  • Angle Adapter includes a 3'' reach (male clip)

  • 'Standard' fits Clamp 0 on the FaceLift® poles

  • 'Large' fits Clamp 1 on the FaceLift® poles

  • Compatible with FaceLift Phantom, Phoenix MkII & Renegade

  • Available as an individual adapter, and as part of a starter kit

Starter kit Includes:

  • 2 x Pole Inserts to Fit Size 0 and Size 1 Pole Clamps (Standard & Large)

  • Angle Adapter & Brush Socket

  • 3 Lengths - 3", 6" and 9"

Size Guide

Standard - To fit clamp AA (Phoenix) or 0 (Phantom), suitable with All Phoenix Poles & Phantom Poles 18ft-30ft

Large - To fit clamp A (Phoenix) or 1 (Phantom), suitable for Phantom poles 35ft or 40ft, and all Renegade poles

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