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FaceLift® Osmo Compact 525

FaceLift® Osmo Compact 525

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Hose Reel

The FaceLift Osmo-Compact 525 systems are designed as a simple introduction to Pure Water Window Cleaning as a single or double operator system. The Osmo-Compact & Compact style systems are currently our best-selling van mounted system.

With a built-in hose reels and a compact footprint, the Osmo-Compact 525 systems are a perfect fit for mid-large sized vehicles such as the Citroen Dispatch, Peugeot Expert, Vauxhall Vivaro, Ford Transit Custom. These are common examples, however, please check the available space & payload in your vehicle prior to purchasing.

Commonly the system of choice for one or two-man Window Cleaning Businesses, the Osmo-Compact 525 systems come with optional filtration & powered hose reels.

Included with the FaceLift® Osmo-Compact 525 Litre:

  • Proloc Hose Reel(s) Complete with 100M Hose

  • 100psi Aqutec Pump(s)

  • WCW Digital Flow Controller(s)

  • High Power Lead-Acid Leisure Battery 

  • Charger Options Available - Battery Charging Guide

  • Installation Kit

  • Optional upgrade to Powered Hose Reel(s)

Delivery Only Options

These models do not include any means to purify water, making them perfect as an option for those that use a static purification unit, or who fill up from pure water filling stations.

DI Filtration Option

These models include DI filtration meaning you simply fill from a water source and the water is purified on-demand, as you use it, providing nothing but a perfect finish every time. Advised for soft water areas. 

RO/DI Filtration Option

These models include a four-stage RO/DI filtration system. This system connects to a water source and filters water as it enters the tank. Advised for hard water areas. 

How is The Battery Charged?

The lead-acid leisure battery can be removed & charged from mains power by purchasing a smart charger. Alternatively, add a Split Charge Relay or Battery to Battery Charger to allow the system battery to charge from the vehicle battery. Not sure which to choose, check out this helpful guide

What Additionally Do I Need To Get Started?

If you are looking for a complete set of equipment, why not take a look at our FaceLift® Osmo-Compact 525 Starter Kit. Alternatively, you may wish to consider these additional items:

Water Fed Pole & Brush Head
TDS Meter
Set of Traditional Window Cleaning Equipment

Can I Get The System Installed? 

Yes, we offer installation at various sites throughout the UK from £349 Ex VAT. Please get in contact with us via email to arrange this.

What Is The Expected Lead Time For Delivery or Installation?

Delivery can be made within 5-7 days of the date of purchase. Booking in for install can take 7 - 21 Working days depending on the schedule of our engineers, we work on live lead times. 

How Long Does Installation Take & Where Can I Get it Installed?

The installation will take 6-8 hours, meaning in most cases a vehicle can be dropped off and collected the same day. We have multiple sites around the UK; 
Wales (WCW Depot)
Liverpool (WCW Depot) 
North East (Pure Freedom)

Are There Chemicals That I Need To Use With This Equipment?

No, you will not require any chemicals to clean with this equipment, if you select a system that includes filtration, the system will purify water as you clean. To find out more regarding this, see our introduction to pure water Window Cleaning

Approximately How Long Will The Tank Last Before it Will Need Refilling?

This will depend largely on the user, the type of work being carried out and the speed at which the pump is running. However, as a rule of thumb, we expect this tank to last a full working day.



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