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FaceLift Van Mounted Systems are among the most popular Window Cleaning Systems in the U.K. Below are two of our most popular systems, the Compact & Phoenix Van Mounts. FaceLift, as part of Window Cleaning Warehouse, support Window Cleaners operating their first pure water system, right up to working with some of the largest fleets of Window Cleaning Vehicles operating in the U.K. As such, our service and repair network is unrivalled and our aftercare second to none.




The Phoenix system is FaceLift’s flagship water fed system. It’s designed to have a compact footprint with all the components fixed interally, maximising the space in the vehicle and protecting against any accidental damage.  The Phoenix range of Van Mounted Systems come with RO/DI or DI only filtration.


FaceLift Van Mounted Systems

Phoenix Van Mounted Systems

The FaceLift Phoenix  water fed system was launched in 2014 and has gone from strength to strength since. Though it may look a little different these days, the fundamental ideas that made the Phoenix system popular still shine through.

The Phoenix van mount showcases cutting edge ergonomics, fully integrated components, internal baffling, automatic shut off and multi-point anchorage. Unlike many other systems on the market, the design eliminates the need for externally mounted components, keeping everything that’s important to your day to day work protected.
RO/DI or DI Only Filtration

The Phoenix Systems can be set up with RO/DI Filtration, DI only filtration or as a dual operator delivery system

Size Options

The Phoenix Systems come in 3 sizes. They are: 350, 500 & 650 Litre.

Two Operator Systems

The Phoenix Systems can be customised for one or two operators.

Package Solutions

From powered hose reels to underfloor ports, the Phoenix system




The Compact systems are designed as a simple introduction to Water Fed Window Cleaning. With the built in hose reel and compact footprint, the Compact systems are a perfect fit for smaller vehicles. Though they don’t have quite the same functionality as the Phoenix system, the compact represents great value for money.


The Compact Systems

The FaceLift Compact Systems are a great starting point for Window Cleaners looking for a complete van mounted set up or a great add on to a Window Cleaning business looking to fit out a small vehicle with a complete water fed system. The great price point and small footprint make this system incredibly popular.


DI Only Filtration

The Compact systems come as a delivery unit or with DI filtration.

Complete Systems

With a Compact system, the top mounted hose reel is built into the price, meaning  you simply need to connect up your water fed pole and you’re ready to work.

Size Options

The Compact systems come in 325 & 425 Litre options.

Package Solutions

From powered hose reels to underfloor ports, the Compact systems can be customized to suit any need